The šŸ”“Optimistic Podcast #9: Thales & OvertimeListen now (74 min) | Guest: Padzang, strategist Lead from Thales & Red, Growth lead from Overtime. The show was co-hosted with Dynamo_Patrick
The šŸ”“Optimistic Podcast #10: Perpetual ProtocolOuƧa agora (55 min) | Guest: Jamie, content lead at Perpetual Protocol
The unique DEFI Newsletter on OP Superchain written by Defi Users for Defi Users
The šŸ”“Optimistic Podcast #8: AAVE with Marc ZellerListen now (64 min) | Guest: Lemiscate alias Marc Zeller, former BD/Strategist as AAVE, and now leading the AAVE Chain Initiative delegate
The šŸ”“Optimistic Podcast #7: Sonne Finance & AngleListen now (52 min) | Guests: Atakan (Co-Founder of Sonne Finance) & Pablo (Founder of Angle)
The šŸ”“Optimistic Podcast #6: Beethoven_XListen now (59 min) | Guest: Souvlaki (Finance Manager)
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The unique DEFI Newsletter on Optimism blockchain written by Defi Users for Defi Users
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